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High-Quality Tarpaulins, Fabrics, and Outdoor Solutions

We use high quality raw material like Cotton canvas / duck, paraffin wax & other chemicals for the manufacturing process that ensure durability of the products.

Best Quality Plants

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Water proof and rot proof Canvas Tarpaulins

Manufactured with pure raw materials and with highest % of UV stabilizer for longer life, under constant exposure to sunlight.
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Common proof canvas tarpaulin

wax-coated tarpaulins.

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Special proof canvas tarpaulins

chemical canvas tarpaulin.

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Products that we cater to

All types of Tarpaulin, Vermi Compost Bed, Azolla bed, Grow Pot Bag, Tent, Pond Lining, Shade net, Canvas Bag, Poncho (Farmer Raincoat), Two Wheeler Covers/ Four Wheeler Covers/ Machinery Covers, All Kinds Tarpaulin – Canvas Tarpaulin. Plastic Tarpaulin, PVC Tarpaulin, Cross Laminate Tarpaulin etc.

HDPE & PVC Tarpaulin

Tarpaulins made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) and PVC ( poly vinyl chloride) fabric called as poly tarpaulins.

Vermi Compost Bed

Kohinoor Tarpaulin with special features is designed to produce 100% high quality Bio fertilizer which is the renovation of organic waste.

Cotton Canvas Bags

We have ready stock of waterproof wax-coated and chemical coated Chain bags in varied sizes and types.

Vermi Compost Bed

Cotton Canvas Bags

HDPE & PVC Tarpaulin